About Filipe Pombo Photography

Filipe Pombo is a  Lisbon, Portugal based profissional Photographer with  Studio that is specialized in Photojournalism, on-location and studio Portraiture,  Interiors and arquitecture ,  mainly  Editorial photography. The photographer come from a strong concept photojournalism background which is reflected in his work.  

Photo editor in the main economical magazines in Portugal , as a EXAME,  Exame Informática, Casa Claudia, Caras Decoração, Unibanco, Revista da Caixa,  Viva a Vida, Premio, Premio Viagens, Visão, Visão Viagens, Expresso (Boa Cama e Boa Mesa) Vela e Nautica, GINGKO, Air Line Magazine Azorean Spirit, and several magazines.

Director of AFFP, press Photo /Video agency  .